Our Why

"If you don't need help, your vision isn't big enough."

Some people don't dream big enough because they don't think it's possible. Some people limit their vision, because they don't think anyone will help them or they think they can't afford it.

We know that we need help to help others. Below we explain our why and how we will use your support to help others who really want to do what it takes to achieve their dreams. 

Charlotte, NC is a great city. It is also a large and growing city with almost 900,000 residents. It is a diverse city that allows for many opportunities. However, as with most cities this size, they also come with many challenges.

According to data provided by the US Census Charlotte, NC, has a 14% poverty rate and these numbers are of course pre COVID-19 pandemic. So, while the opportunities seem endless for some, the struggles feel endless for others.

Our mission is to help all youth whether they are in Charlotte or in the most remote areas around the world to have opportunities through sports. We have spent over half of our lives coaching and teaching basketball. We love the game and found love through the game. Now, we use the game we love to love others.

We allow them to come, play and learn in a safe and encouraging environment. We also firmly believe that the truth is love. Therefore we hold them accountable to the standard needed to become the person or player they say they want to be. We know that playing in the NBA or WNBA is only for the 0.0001% of people. For the majority, it’s about learning a championship mindset that applies to all areas of life.

This is how we came up with the name for our organization. We are all about teaching today’s youth how to Chase Excellence. We show them how to be an excellent son, daughter, husband, wife, business man or woman. We show them what daily hard work will allow you to obtain, teach them honesty and reality so they can get past this Instagram Society they live in. We show them that you have to “fail” to get better.

When someone attends a Chase Excellence program it’s about checking their ego and pushing their limits. It’s not about perfection. It’s about growth and development. It’s about the constant pursuit of greatness through asking questions, messing up, and trying again. We teach what it means to say “I’m sorry” and actually mean it. We teach how to ask and answer the tough questions and then how to act no matter what the answer might be.

Sports provide such a unique opportunity to do all of this and so much more. However, sports are all about money. They have become the thing for kids that have the money, instead of something everyone gets to do. In some situations, the kids that are uniquely gifted are “investment strategies” for adults in hopes they will “make it.”

Basketball is the sport that everyone can play and coach in their driveway. As a result, the people with the most money are the ones with the most opportunities. The players that have the family support to pay for extra training grant them more opportunities to succeed. It doesn’t mean that they are the ones that are going to really put in the work though.

Similarly, youth that are physically gifted at a young age like Lebron James will have people help them for no cost because they can see the potential and therefore give them an advantage to achieve higher levels of success. The problem is that they expect something in return down the road.

We believe everyone deserves this opportunity to come and learn, not to be limited by financial resources. We want to give every youth player that wants to play/learn basketball the chance, but we need your help to make this happen.

Your support will allow us to give anyone regardless of age, gender, religion, financial status or skill level the opportunity to use basketball to grow as a person. You will be giving a person the opportunity to learn an infinite number of life skills all while having fun using a piece of leather filled with air.

You will be giving them a place to develop social skills, learn how to operate within a team and develop leadership skills. This will give them a voice that otherwise they may feel they don’t have or that they don’t deserve because of who they are or where they come from.

Basketball is a sport that bridges and bonds people from all walks of life and gives a common ground. To us basketball is the best sport in the entire world, but it’s the lessons and opportunities that it gives that truly make it so amazing. We hope you can feel our passion for helping others using this amazing game. This is not a hobby or a side hustle. It is a lifestyle and our mission.